New! Pay What You Can Feature

Posted by Jennie Moraitis on

This has been a crazy year, so I am installing a “Pay What You Can“ feature for many of my products. I would love to get creativity and the joy that comes from it into as many hands as possible. On the other hand, I’m a small business of me, myself, and I and also need to make money to pay the bills. :) 

I’m hoping this will be a good in between space where you can pay a little less or a little more if you have it. Running my own creative business has been a gift in so many ways. I’d love to keep going!

How it Works:

On the product page, you will see a drop down menu with several different options to choose from. Depending on whether your budget is tight or if you're able to be generous, you choose the price. When you add the item to your cart, you will pay that price.


I hope that this new feature is an encouragement and help to you this holiday season!