Bring Back Snail Mail Letter Writing Challenges

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Three letter writing challenges to help you get back into your letter writing groove!

Let's bring back snail mail!

Remember the olden days when people wrote letters to each other?

When we had to wait more than five seconds to receive a response from a friend?

I email, text, and tweet on a daily basis but have to admit that I still LOVE receiving real mail (as opposed to junk mail and bills. Those don’t count.)

These three letter writing challenges have been taken by thousands of letter writing lovers around the world, and I've finally compiled them in an easy-to-navigate course for YOU!

I actually had a chance to use a sheet of your stationery to write a letter yesterday. Thank you so much for those. They are so cute. I have 4 letters to write this week and I'm so excited! — Leilani

Thank you for helping me to rediscover my passion for writing! — Meredith

I thought you had great ideas about who to send notes to. I LOVE letter writing and card sending and now I have some new ideas about who to send notes to. — Elizabeth



You will receive access to all THREE of my snail mail challenges:

The Bring Back Snail Mail Challenge,

The Pay it Forward Challenge, and

The 30 Day Mailbox Love Challenge

You'll ALSO receive printable stationery and calendars, prompts, and other freebies throughout this course.

You're going to LOVE this! Let's send out some letter love into this world!



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