Happy Journal for Kids! (36 page gratitude journal)

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Want to teach your kids about gratitude in a fun way?

Keeping a happy journal is a great way to teach your child about gratitude. Since kids are natural doodlers, the concept of drawing what makes them happy comes naturally to them.

Even better, since only the simplest of drawing skills are required, even young children can participate.

Pull out the black pens, markers, and crayons and give your child the gift of gratitude.

In this printable workbook, I start off sharing what a happy journal is—a way to draw out what you're thankful for each day. For the first seven pages of the journal, I have a question and a prompt so your child can stretch their imagination and see all of the possibilities of what they could draw.

If you feel intimidated by a daily practice like this, let me assure you, your child probably won't if you make this notebook available and fun for them! I printed a prototype of this journal for my daughter, and she filled almost every page with doodles of the things she loved on the first day!

Wow, our kids can teach us something, right?

You will receive:

  • One 36 page printable journal of the Happy Journal for Kids
  • Printable cover for notebook
  • Notebook spine printable for 1 inch and 1 1/2 inch Avery binders
  • This listing does not include the Happy Journal, Happy Life book

How to Use Your Happy Journal for Kids

Print the journal in color, three-hole punch, and put into a 1 or 1 1/2 inch binder. I used a white Avery binder for mine. Print the notebook spine printable onto card stock (or affix to card stock so you can easily slip it into the spine area.)

Take this opportunity to talk to your child about gratitude. It's such a big word—what does it mean? Show them that God gives us gifts every day and encourage them to be alert to find them. Your kids will amaze you and open your eyes to many things you might have taken for granted!

Make the journal accessible. Purchase a fun pen to write with and leave the journal out so your child can play with it. Do a "friend" page where you both draw things you're thankful for; you draw something, then wait as your child draws.

Have fun!

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